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Haute Healing Oasis is a place where health and wellness, state-of-the-art healing, and relaxing spa services all come together. Our therapies combine science and spirituality to provide wellness for our clients’ whole selves: mind, body, and life.
We help our franchise owners take full advantage of the growth across multiple growing industry segments:

Health and Wellness:

  • Overall health and wellness is nearly a $5.5 billion industry, with anticipated growth of 5% annually over the next decade

Non-Traditional Healing:

  • The U.S. Complementary and Alternative Medicine industry earns upwards of $19 billion per year, with a growth rate of 23.7% annually
  • Nearly half of Americans have utilized alternative healing techniques during their lifetimes

Spa Services:

  • The United States is the leading Spa Industry Market in the world, with $15.1 billion in annual revenue

When you become the owner of a Haute Healing Oasis health and wellness franchise, you help raise the vibration of entire communities, so healing and renewal can begin.

Need even more reasons to join us?

  • Surround yourself with peace and calm. From your spa surroundings to  the professional community who will embrace you, you’re going to feel amazing while you work.
  • Be your own boss but never feel alone in your business.
  • Leverage state-of-the-art equipment and technologies that have been full tested and refined for our business model.
  • Take advantage of multiple revenue streams from the variety of services you will offer.
  • Follow guidance from a dedicated leadership team, who built a business based on a solid foundation of education, experience, and enlightenment. 

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